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With a Gilded Spoon meal kit, it is truly possible to make a high-end multiple course meal at home with only 15 minutes of effort. All your planning, shopping and food preparation is done. You just thaw, cook and serve. Then, be sure to enjoy taking full credit for making an amazing meal – as you are now the chef in command – and savor the wonderful moments it creates among those you share it with.

Every item on this menu is designed to have the following qualities:

Minimize Cooking Time

Approximately 5-15 minutes of actual active effort within a total cooking time of 25-50 minutes.


Fully freezable kits, giving you the convenience of when you want to enjoy it. 

Zero Waste

Our packaging produces less waste than traditional meal kits and is 100% recyclable or compostable.


  • Sunday Paella ($13.75/serving)

    Black Tiger shrimp, Spanish pork chorizo, Valencia rice, sofrito, saffro...

  • Vegetable Paella ($11.75/serving)

    Valencia rice, sofrito, saffron, fire roasted red peppers, butter beans,...

  • Cabernet Steak with Polenta ($15.00/serving)

    Alberta-raised premium hanger tenderloin steak, cabernet wine and shallo...

  • Vineyard Chicken ($12.50/serving)

    Kalamata olives, grapes, white wine, rosemary, shallots, chicken, turmer...

  • Spicy Tuna Poke ($13.75/serving)

    Sushi-grade tuna (Ocean Wise Certified), seasoned red chili & sesame...

  • Ponzu Tuna Poke ($13.75/serving)

    Sushi-grade tuna (Ocean Wise Certified), seasoned soy and yuzu citrus ju...

  • Duck Confit Parmentier ($13.25/serving)

    Herb-infused duck, potatoes, leeks, bell peppers. Dairy-Free Friendly + ...

  • Acquacotta ($12.50/serving)

    Spiced chicken or pork (your choice!), cave-aged Swiss gruyere, sourdoug...

  • Tomato Ricotta Gnocchi ($12.50/serving)
    Tomatoes, sage butter, ricotta gnocchi. (Vegetarian Friendly)

    Tomatoes, sage butter, fresh ricotta cheese gnocchi.Vegetarian Friendly ...

  • Peppercorn Flank Steak with Green Pesto Orzo ($13.75/serving)
    Alberta raised flank steak beef, peppercorn & herb marinade, green pesto orzo.

    Alberta raised flank steak beef, peppercorn marinade, orzo pasta in fres...

  • Butterflied Chicken with Wild Rice ($12.50/serving)
    Fresh herb and lemon brine roasted chicken with wild rice.

    Fresh herb and lemon brine roasted chicken, pan-juice infused wild rice....


  • Blackberry Zabaglione Pie ($4.83/serving)

    Whipped sweet Marsala wine custard, fresh blackberry compote, handmade a...

  • Strawberry Chantilly Chia Custard ($3.83-$5.75/serving)

    Strawberries, vanilla beans, chia seeds, ancient grains "superfood" gran...

  • Spiced Carrot Quinoa Cake ($2.50-$7.50/serving)

    Carrots, ginger-spice, flourless organic quinoa cake, cardamom cream gla...

  • Truffle Shishito Peppers ($5.00/serving)

    Shishito peppers (1 in 10 will be spicy), Italian black summer truffle, ...

  • Crispy Kalettes ($5.00/serving)

    BC grown petite kale florets, sea salt, spices. Vegetarian Friendly + Gl...

  • Chocolate Quinoa Cake with Cherry Merlot Sauce ($2.50-$7.50/serving)

    Premium red cocoa & organic quinoa cake, black cherries, pomegranate...

  • Scallion Mashed Potatoes ($5.00/serving)

    Potatoes, green onion-infused butter sauce.Vegetarian Friendly + Gluten-...

  • Creamed Kale ($5.00/serving)

    NuLeaf Farms kale, velouté cream sauce.Vegetarian Friendly + Gluten-Free...

  • Lemon Miso Edamame ($5.00/serving)

    Miso and lemon glaze, edamame pods.Vegetarian Friendly + Dairy-Free Frie...

  • Espresso Chia Custard ($5.00/serving)

    Monogram espresso, chia seeds, coconut milk, cacao nibs. Vegetarian Frie...

  • Mimosa Roasted Citrus ($5.00/serving)

    Cara cara, moro & navel citrus fruit, lavender, sparkling wine. Vege...

  • Haskap Berry Crepes ($7.50/serving)

    Canadian Haskap honeysuckle berries, Chantilly vanilla ricotta, French c...

  • Fleur de Sel Shortbread Cookies ($2.13/serving)

    Shortbread butter cookies gilded in edible flowers, golden sugar, Alaea ...

  • Cashew Green Beans ($5.00/serving)
    Toasted cashews, shallots, French green beans. (Gluten-Free Friendly + Dairy-Free Friendly + Vegetarian Friendly)

    Toasted cashews, shallots, French green beans.Vegetarian Friendly + Dair...

  • Za'atar Cauliflower ($5.00/serving)
    Thyme, sesame, turmeric, roasted cauliflower. (Vegetarian Friendly + Dairy-Free Friendly + Gluten-Free Friendly)

    Thyme, sesame, turmeric, roasted cauliflower.Vegetarian Friendly + Dairy...

  • Maple Butternut Squash ($5.00/serving)
    Roasted butternut squash, Canadian maple syrup. (Vegetarian Friendly + Gluten-Free Friendly)

    Roasted butternut squash, Canadian maple syrup & butter glaze.Vegeta...

The instructions for the food prep were well thought-out, and the food itself was amazing.


WOW! flavors are wonderful.
And my kids loved it too!


Our absolute favourite was the butterflied chicken – might be the best chicken we’ve ever had and it’s awesome that we were able to do it at home.


So easy to prepare with detailed instructions that made it so simple. Looking forward to our next order!


I would absolutely recommend the Gilded Spoon to anyone looking for a unique home meal.