Featured Set Menus

Create an amazing multiple-course menu for a small to a large group hot out of your kitchen in minutes with minimal effort. Simply choose "à la carte" or select from our recommended menu(s) below. Mix and match or double your favorite items to serve 4, 8 or more. All high-quality gourmet kits arrive frozen and can sit tight until your special day. Delivered in Calgary every Wednesday and Friday.

A Romantic Dinner

A romantic Valentine's Day made easy and delicious with Gilded Spoon. We may hold your hand for a while, but you'll hold their heart forever with our easy-to-prepare Valentine's Dinner Menu.

A Gilded Winter Menu


Enjoy a cozy multiple-course menu with over 12 servings of easy-to-prepare dishes that are not only delicious but also well-balanced and made with high-quality whole-food ingredients. From our Strawberry Chantilly Chia Custard to a roasted chicken and hearty "Acquacotta" mains with colorful vegetable pairings, your winter meals will be memorable and craveable all year long. This set covers you from breakfast to dinner and is perfect for those cold days at home, or as a gourmet no-fuss menu at your weekend ski cabin getaway.