Holiday Accompaniment Set Menu


Staring 4 classic items, this menu features all the holiday favorites with an elegant twist. The Acquacotta is a hearty main dish inspired by a traditional stuffing-meets-french onion soup. To round it out, this set menu also features our flavorful scallion-infused mashed potatoes, savory gravy, and crisp French green beans sauteed in shallots and cashew nuts. Each main and side dish serves 4 on their own, and combined as a set will generously create a standalone feast for 4. You can also partner this with any of our holiday turkey menus such as the "Juniper Menu" and "Roulade Menu" to serve a crowd of 8 or more (one standard stove oven can accommodate 2 set menus at once). Order these individually or try them as a set to create an incredible multiple-course dinner that is ready in under 60 minutes and hot out of your kitchen with minimal effort. All of Gilded Spoon's dishes are prepped raw and frozen in compact recyclable packages so you can keep them until you are ready to easily thaw and cook. Delivered directly to your door in the Calgary area every Tuesday and Thursday (or until sold out!).